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At Chosen Home Inspections, we believe in giving you not only a thorough and quality inspection but also providing you with a quality report.

Not all companies or Inspectors use the same type reporting system. Some use simple word documents that are handwritten or use computer automated products. There are Inspectors that provide pictures of defects and yet there are some that do not or charge an additional fee for pictures.

Chosen Home Inspections is proud to use its home inspection software through one of the leading home inspection software companies called HomeGauge. Your report will have digital pictures with arrows and circles to help illustrate problems (if seen) and those pictures are on the report AND summary page under noted discrepancies for your convenience. Your report will be detailed, concise, and very easy to read!

Inspections can take a few hours to accomplish and it can take an additional hour or two to give you a detailed report that is carefully written with thought and care. For this reason, we do not produce on-site reports unlike some companies. Your report will be password protected and available on-line within 24 hours of the inspection with the report available for 7 years.